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Tom's Auction Addiction Center

Well, with over 800 feedback points, I'm officially an auction addict, and here is my auction addiction page to prove it. But while I'm at it, I may as well show everyone what I've got listed on eBay and

I have had many people ask me what I use to take pictures, since my auction photos are usually sharp and colorful. Well, I'm no pro, but since I got a 2.11 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 950 (which has since been replaced by the much nicer 4.13 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 4500), it's easy to take great pictures. I previously used a normal (film) camera and scanner, but it took me forever to scan everything, and the colors were never quite right.  I always followed the same old process:

1.  Buy film
2.  Load the camera
3.  Take pictures (enough to fill the roll!)
4.  Unload the camera
5.  Drop off the film at the store
6.  Pick up the film at the store
7.  Pick out the photos that look good

8.  Scan the photos into the computer
9.  Edit the scanned images
10. Share!

But now it's just three easy steps:

1.  Take pictures (one or 100)
2.  Move pictures to the computer
3.  Share!

Much easier, eh?  Okay, I know you didn't want to hear my life's story, so follow this link to see all of my auctions on eBay.  Follow this link to see all of my auctions on And if you want to participate in one of my auctions, visit my terms and conditions page.  Happy bidding!


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